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Our barbecue company was created by a chef who is passionate about many of the different world cuisines, but the methodology of cooking foods with nothing more than wood, smoke and fire, in an old world traditional fashion is what inspired his true calling to become a Pitmaster! 

We pride ourselves on being an authentic Smoke House. We create each and every rub (spice blend), marinade, and barbecue sauce from scratch with love in our very own kitchen. The same thing goes for our side dishes. Everything on our menu is created using high quality, all natural ingredients, and premium cuts of meat.

We really do work very hard to do things the right way, by matching each cut of meat with the right choice of smoke, rub, marinade, sauce, and cooking/smoking method. Our customer’s health is very important, so we don’t unnecessarily add extra butters, syrups, and sugars to our meats; just traditionally prepared, authentic smoky meat, that’s perfectly seasoned.

Our attention to detail definitely creates a lot more work for us, but the value we place on our customers overall satisfaction with our product makes it all worth it. Our customers are extremely important to us, and we will always go out of our way to make them happy!

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